Stop the animal hypocrisy

While I agree 100 per cent that captive dolphins have no place in the Cayman Islands and applaud the community for speaking against it, I have to question your overall humanity to the current captive creatures who share this island with us.

Every day on my drive to work I see numerous horses and cattle roped on trees with no shelter or green pasture and no food or water.

Is this the proper way to treat animals?

I would say to these owners that if you do not have the land to allow these animals to roam properly then you should not own them…period!

Shame on you.

We must have a voice for those who cannot speak. You can tell a lot about a country by the way it treats animals.

Next time you drive around and observe this very cruel captivity Cayman, ask yourself what this says about you and your country.

Gena Phillips

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