Cayman featured in “Honeymoon havens”

Grand Cayman and the Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa found their way into an Indianapolis Star article depicting honeymoons and destination weddings.

The article appeared in the January 15 edition of the U.S. newspaper and is entitled ‘Honeymoon havens’, written by David Mannweiler.

He describes how Marci and Shane Corbin had a small destination wedding when they got married on Grand Cayman on October 8 by the ocean at the Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa.

‘The groom, a third-year law student in Indianapolis, allowed his fiancé to arrange their wedding and honeymoon,’ the article reads.

The bride is quoted as saying, ‘Shane had never been to Grand Cayman, but I had fond memories of the island. I had been there on vacation with my parents. She is a training manager for the Information and Referral Network, a United Way member agency in Indianapolis, the article says.

Accompanying the bride and groom to Grand Cayman were the groom’s brother and wife, the bride’s father and a college friend of the bride, says the article, which also points out that the wedding and some of their honeymoon will be featured on 9 February on the Travel Channel’s destination weddings Programme.

The article continues on saying that he Corbins were fortunate in not having to pay for their wedding. ‘In lieu of paying for the large, traditional church wedding in Indianapolis, the bride’s father suggested a warm site for the wedding and said he would pick up the tab.’

The article goes on to suggest, ‘If daddy won’t pay for it, perhaps your friends and relatives will.’

Earlier on in the piece, travel industry spokesperson Ms Jenny Moehring says that destination weddings/honeymoons are becoming more and more popular.

‘Newlyweds are asking about this. They go somewhere, and their friends and families go along. Anywhere from 10 to 30 people. This is big business for the resorts.’
Other destinations mentioned in the article include Tahiti, Bora Bora, Mexico, St. Lucia and the Bahamas.