Special Olympics elects new chairman

Lighthouse School principal Shari Bovell, has been named chairman of the Special Olympics Cayman Islands group of volunteers for 2006.

Shari Bovell, right

Chairman Shari Bovell listens to comments from members while Susan Whittaker takes notes.
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Ms Bovell, who has been a SOCI volunteer for the last 14 years including serving as national director, expressed her gratitude to Board members and assured them that she would do her best to strengthen the Association’s ability to move into the next transition of revival and programme continuity, said a press release from SOCI.

On behalf of the SOCI family, Bovell thanked the outgoing Board members for their yeoman efforts to keep the Association together particularly at a time when there was much focus on recovery in homes, at work and in the community, the release said.

Outgoing Chairman Cindy Scotland was also applauded for keeping the SOCI torch alight.

And burning it is as SOCI’s athletes continue to excel in light of adapted training.

Aquatics athlete Andrew Smiley attended the Gold Medal Swim Camp in Orlando, Florida last summer. Past National Swim Coach Dave Kelsheimer said he was impressed with Andrew’s tremendous improvement.

Lorraine Russell, also a member of the Aquatics team, is presently attending school in Houston, Texas where he is the first swimmer with an intellectual disability to be accepted in its competitive swim program.

‘The success stories are awesome,’ said Athlete Leadership Programmes Director, Toni Johnson.