RCIP say burglaries a growing concern

The number of burglaries – which makes up a large portion of the crime statistics – is worrying the RCIP, a police press briefing was told.

Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis told the briefing on Tuesday that the police were seriously examining the situation and looking to put together a strategy to address burglaries.

He urged people to exercise care and attention and to take common sense approaches and precautions.

It would take a collective effort on the part of everyone to tackle the problem, he said.

The briefing heard there had been a total of 80 reported serious crimes for the month of December as compared to a total of 91 in November.

But of that figure of 80, 60 were burglaries and seven were attempted burglary.

There were 124 reported ‘volume crimes’ – theft, damage to property, threatening violence and some types of assaults in December compared to a total of 107 in November.

Mr. Ennis also introduced the arrest and traffic statistics for 2005.

There were a total of 2,509 arrests last year as compared to 2,545 in 2004, he said.

On the road traffic side of things for 2005, the statistics showed there were 5,385 tickets issued, and there had been 494 accidents, with six fatal accidents.