Dog recovering after brutal attack

The dog found severely injured after being viciously attacked, apparently with a machete, is said to be recovering well.

Jennie Boyers, a nurse at Island Veterinary Services on Walkers Road – where the dog was treated – Tuesday told the Caymanian Compass that the injured animal would probably stay with them until the end of the week before being returned to his owner.

The three-year-old Labrador cross was found in West Bay last Friday with deep lacerations to the throat, face and body and with most of his tail chopped off.

The dog, which had suffered a severe loss of blood, was rushed to the veterinary surgery, given a transfusion and his wounds were cleaned and stitched.

He was also placed on antibiotics and pain relievers.

Staff at the veterinary centre, who had been at a loss to understand how anyone could have carried out such an horrific attack, were relieved that the dog appeared to be making such a good recovery.

‘But we are hoping that the person responsible will be caught and brought to justice,’ said Ms Boyers.

Police are investigating the incident.