Town manager in store for GT

George Town could be in line to get a town manager.

The new post would have ‘a fully staffed office to oversee and co-ordinate with the private sector, the maintenance and aesthetic enhancements of the central business district,’ Minister Arden McLean told the Legislative Assembly on Monday.

Mr. McLean was answering a question about plans to give the business district, including Shedden Road, a facelift.

He said there was $100,000 in the budget to produce a central business district plan and that the beautification plan was multi-jurisdictional.

The government’s contribution would include the resurfacing of Shedden Road from the waterfront to Dr. Roys Drive, including the re-engineering of the mini-roundabout between the Royal Bank and Anderson Square buildings.

Consideration was also being given to larger, more visible street name signs at major intersections in the downtown area, he said.

Decorative street lights would be put up and landscaping, such as hanging flower baskets, shrubbery and shade trees, added, said Mr. McLean.

Government buildings would be power washed and repainted and street furniture placed throughout the district to help with seating, bicycle parking and litter collection, he said.

Mr. McLean told the House he wanted to make sure that visitors had a perfect stay and experience when they came to George Town.

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