Work Permit Board gives them too

Contrary to a commonly held belief, applications for an exempted employee can be made to the Work Permit Board.

However, very few applications for exempted employees have been made to the Work Permit Board, said Chairman David Ritch.

‘This is probably due to the commonly held, but incorrect belief, that only the Business Staffing Plan Board has power to grant such exemption,’ he said.

‘Since the new Board was constituted, we have granted a few exemptions but have received no more than a handful or so of applications.’

Mr. Ritch noted that applications for exempted employees can only be made upon a grant or renewal application.

‘We were forced on one occasion to refuse an application that we would otherwise probably have granted because it was filed as a stand alone application,’ he said.

Mr. Ritch surmised that another reason the Work Permit Board sees so few applications for exempted employees is that applications to his board come from businesses or individuals that are not as familiar with the law as those that have Business Staffing Plans.

‘We deal primarily with applications from construction companies, janitorial companies, small businesses with less than 15 permit holders, applications for domestics, etcetera,’ he said.

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