Christians face more negativity

It appears that the same geniuses in Hollywood that refused to back Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ have spent $150 million to produce a film that essentially portrays Jesus as a fraud and Christianity as a sham that is rooted in a colossal conspiracy.

‘The Da Vinci Code is an offensive caricature of the central figure of a major world religion,’ writes Barbara Nicolosi in Church of the Masses, after reading the movie’s script. Since the book (The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown) on which this movie is based caricatures Jesus and Christianity in such a way as to send the clear message that its author intends to portray Christianity in the worst possible light, one should not be surprised that the movie will do the same.

Now, may I offer this comment to those who are being told that Christians are bigoted, narrow-minded fundamentalists who hate everyone that does not agree with them, Do not worry! You won’t see Christians rampaging through the streets, burning mosques and torching theatres!

We do have values. We do believe that certain things are right and other things are wrong. We will not abdicate the position that holds to moral absolutes!

We will continue to believe that God revealed himself through the Holy Bible. And we do believe we should be entitled to the right of freedom of expression without being labelled as discriminatory or hateful. I wonder why Hollywood doesn’t make a movie along similar lines about Islam and Mohammed?

Pastor Alson Ebanks –Church of God Chapel

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