Leaders, Speaker get pay raises

Salary increases have been given to the top three members of the Legislative Assembly without any of the three asking for the raises.

The monthly salary of the Leader of Government Business is $12,963, or $155,556 a year. The Speaker’s is $12,646 or $151,752 per year and the Leader of the Opposition’s is $9,219, or $110,628 per year.

The raises represent percentage increases of 15.6 for the Leader of Government Business, 18.56 for the Leader of the Opposition and 10.11 for the Speaker.

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush asked the reason for the special raises while speaking in the Legislative Assembly.

Acting Chief Secretary Colin Ross said that after a review it had been decided there was no recognition of their ‘weightier responsibilities and prestige’ and an increase was recommended and approved.

Mr. Bush asked Mr. Ross to confirm that he had not requested a raise for the Leader of the Opposition.

Mr. Ross told the House on Thursday that there had been no input from any of the three people recommended for a raise.

Mr. Ross also gave the monthly salary figures of the Chief Secretary at $13,285 or $159,420 per year; Attorney General $12,036 or $144,432 per year; Financial Secretary at $11,743 or $140,916 per year; Cabinet Ministers at $11,743 or $140,916 per year; and Members of Legislative Assembly at $8,149, or $97,788 per year.

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