A tribute to good men

I would like to take this opportunity to pay my final respects to two young Caymanian gentlemen who recently passed away in a motor-vehicle accident on the morning of Friday, 24 February, 2006 in West Bay.

They were known to me as Charley and Danny.

These two young men were employees on a development site where I reside.

I had the pleasure of interacting with them on a daily basis during the time my apartment was being renovated after the hurricane.

What I admired most about these young gentlemen were their strong work ethics. They showed up every day on time and worked diligently until the end of their workday.

They took pride in their jobs and were quite pleasant to be around.

Their friendship with each other was admirable and where you saw one you knew the other was nearby.

Danny loved life and was always telling everyone to live their lives’ to the fullest. Charley had a warm personality and always had a pleasant smile no matter what the circumstances (and they were working under a lot of stress.)

These guys were dedicated to their jobs and were professionals in every respect of the word. I would any day vote for them as young Caymaninans of the year.

They spoke lovingly of their families. And in my opinion they were raised to be fine young men of good character.

It was a pleasure having known them and I wish the families God’s loving mercies during these difficult times.

Rest in peace Charley and Danny.

S. Stephens

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