Liquor licensing lifts probation

Probation periods imposed on Archie’s Place, the Matrix Nightclub, Club Octopus (now Peppers Lounge) and Sammy’s Airport Inn have all been lifted.

The probation was lifted following Thursday’s quarterly session of the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman at Custom’s Headquarters on Owen Roberts Drive.

Proprietor of Archie’s Place, Shedden Road, George Town, Mr. Charles Arch Dixon said he had put security guards on duty on weekends.

‘They keep everything under control,’ he said.

The bar was placed on probation following December’s Board meeting when an objection was made by a neighbouring business owner to the nuisance of people drinking outside it, causing disturbance and littering the area.

When questioned by Board Member Bernice Richards whether the previous situation has been addressed to the best of his ability, Mr. Dixon said it has.

He has put notices up saying that people cannot drink outside and he and his wife go after people if they see them going outside the bar with a drink, he told the Board.

While not all of the customers are behaving responsibly, there has been a big improvement, he said.

‘They don’t want to get in no collision with me,’ he said.

Chief Inspector George Watson said there were no recent reports of any trouble at Archie’s Place.

The Matrix Nightclub’s probation period was also up for review. When questioned by the Board about crowd control outside The Matrix, owner Mr. Cary English said he believes it has significantly improved. There are 15 security guards outside the property, with just an isolated incident now and then.

There is also a uniformed police presence there on Saturday evenings, when the largest volume of people is there, the Board heard.

Chairman Mitchell Welds asked if deals such as $15 all you can drink on Saturdays contribute to binge drinking.

Mr. English said it doesn’t because most people don’t come until late, and clients cannot stock up on drinks because there is a policy of returning to the bar with an empty cup to have it refilled.

Board member Lynn Bodden-Smatt asked if the congregation outside the club after closing is still as large. He said it is but the crowd’s behaviour had improved.

On questioning from Mr. Welds Mr. English affirmed that a female security officer searches the ladies, including their handbags.

Chief Inspector Watson said the police had no reports regarding the Matrix recently. However, he warned Mr. English that the landlord needs to erect a well illuminated sign over the door of the building, identifying the nightclub.

Chairman Mr. Welds added that the requirement under law is to also include information such as the opening hours and the name of the licensee.

Chief Inspector Watson suggested that in the future perhaps new applicants for Liquor Licenses should have to sit an exam to see if they know anything about the Liquor Licensing Law.

Mr. Lloyd Samson of Peppers Lounge (formerly Club Octopus) asked that probation for this premises be removed. There have been no incidents and no major crowds of late, he said, adding that there are eight security guards on duty there.

Chief Inspector Watson said there have been no police complaints regarding the property.

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