Residents block WB tower project

An application to build a communications tower was refused by the Central Planning Authority after neighbours objected to the project.

One of the objectors, Mrs. Jack Smith, wants members of the public to know that they can make a difference when they follow the legal process.

Mrs. Smith explained that she and her West Bay neighbours received notice of an application for planning permission made by Weststar for a 117-foot tower and an eight-foot fence in their area.

In November 2005 they submitted eight reasons for their objection, pointing out that there are already two communications towers nearby.

In January, the objectors received by registered mail an advisory that the CPA had met, considered the tower application and had refused it. They also received a copy of the decision, addressed to Weststar and explaining the reason.

The advisory was signed by CPA executive secretary Kenneth S. Ebanks and dated 24 January 2006. It said the Authority was not convinced that a separate communications tower was warranted in this instance.

‘There are two existing communications towers situated in the immediate area and the applicant is directed to liaise with the information and communication Technology Authority (ICTA) in order to secure a sharing arrangement with the service provider of either of those two towers,’ the letter stated.

It also reminded the applicant of the right to appeal within 14 days.

If an appeal were filed, the appellant would have to serve a copy of a notice of appeal on both the Director of Planning and all objectors.

Mrs. Smith said she had heard no more since.

‘Let people know the process works,’ she said.

The four objectors represented six parcels of land. They cited health risks, the threat of lightning strikes and unsightliness of the structures among their reasons. The said the towers would devalue their property if any of it were placed on the market.

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