Righteous judge will prevail

I am deeply troubled (but not in despair) that once again it has been made plain that the governing ethic for the majority of decisions made in our country is that of financial gain.

It is no use for us lauding our Christian heritage when we have clearly forgotten the admonition of our Lord, ‘Take heed, and beware of covetousness (greed): for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of things which he possesseth.’ (Luke 12:15 AV)

Yes, I agree that it will still be a matter of personal choice as to whether one decides to view Brokeback Mountain, but surely personal integrity and moral decency instructs us to apply higher standards than personal choice when the decisions are still within our court.

Why should I put poison on the table and justify its consumption solely on the basis that the eater had the power of choice? Hasn’t the history of popular entertainment taught us that exposure creates desensitization, and desensitization leads to acceptance of lower moral standards?

We have already exposed our children to so much gratuitous sex and violence that it should not surprise us that they are doing what they see on the big (or small) screen.

Are we therefore expected to open wide the doors to any and everything that can be justified under freedom of expression, until our very curio shops reek with the miasma of pornography like a Dutch bookseller’s?

I am not advocating some sort of Christian shariah; I simply ask for those in authority (proprietors and politicians) to exercise moral and culturally-appropriate discrimination in their judgments and decisions.

Before you subject the populace to making choices, make some choices yourselves; act for the greater good of this people, especially our impressionably young people.

I am troubled, but as I earlier expressed, I am not in despair.

Do you want to know why?

I know that Christianity, unlike many other faiths, does not require a hot house environment in which to flourish.

From its birth, the church did not have cultural or political approval, for its adherents understood from the Holy Bible that the strength of Christianity is intrinsic: ‘The gospel… is the power of salvation unto everyone who believes…'(Romans 1:16).

So, fellow believer, do not despair; all that we see has been prophesied. The righteous judge will himself deal with things, holding each man accountable for the responsibility with which he was entrusted. What now will you do?

Alson Ebanks, pastor Church of God Chapel

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