CUC’s revenue taken in account

Government wants to make sure electricity consumers don’t lose out if CUC makes money from fibre optics in its cabling.

‘The income derived from such investment by CUC from the fibre optic network will be taken into account by the government CUC negotiating team when negotiating price reductions with CUC,’ Minister Arden McLean said in the House Wednesday in answer to a question from West Bay Member Cline Glidden.

The government’s negotiating team is discussing with CUC the possible issue of new licences to CUC to replace their existing licence, ‘and as part of that negotiation process the subject of substantial price reductions in CUC’s current billing structure is of vital concern to the government’s CUC negotiating team in reaching any agreement with CUC on any new licences that may be issued,’ he said.

The Information and Communication Technology Authority had received an application from CUC but ICTA had chosen to use its discretion to postpone the hearing of the application until negotiations had been completed, said Mr. McLean.

Because of the sensitivities of the discussions he said he would prefer not to say too much about them at present, he said.

When the time is right he will inform the country as to the status of the negotiations, he said.

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush said he thinks CUC has had ‘too much of a free hand,’ since the last election.

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