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Cayman Islands: The high priced vacation destination…

I love the Cayman Islands very much.

In fact, I am married to a Caymanian and have many friends and family members there.

I have been visiting Cayman for 15 years, however, it has gotten to the point where I can’t afford to visit much anymore.

The airfare is the first sour grape you encounter when planning a trip to Cayman.

The cost of accommodations is nothing short of an insult.

Then there is the price of food and entertainment.

I agree with the previous writer who commented on the lack of entertainment and night life on Cayman.

The amount of traffic is just the thing most vacationers want to afford. The problem is the competition. There are so many beautiful places to go and see.

There are many affordable vacation packages out there, many of which also have top rated water sports, fabulous restaurants, and night life.

However, families can’t afford to visit and truly have a memorable vacation. The Caymanian people are fantastic but unfortunately if the government does not do something quickly to make the Cayman vacation experience more affordable it will continue to lose its tourists.

This is especially troubling since the Cayman economy is very dependent on tourism. Have they forgotten what happened after 911?

You would think they would be out there competing, with all the other fabulous countries, with great priced vacations.

The conversion rate for dollars from many economies to Cayman dollars is also painful. It is reversed in many other places.

They need to begin reaching out to the millions of middle class families who would love to vacation in Cayman but cannot afford the unreasonably high prices on top of the conversion rate of the dollar.

Instead of growing their economy by bringing increased tourism they just keep raising the prices to make up the difference.

To make matters worse yet, they continue to pass on costs, such as road repair, etc. by charging surcharges on rental cars.

Recently they even began taxing the time share owner a daily tax.

For an island country that is this dependent on tourism for survival it should really rethink its approach.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

I’m not sure why Cayman officials believe Cayman is worth, above other destinations, these ridiculously high prices.

I haven’t even mentioned the difficulty surviving that the local people face each and every day. That’s a whole different letter.

Marsha Adams Sebastopol, California

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