Stand up for human rights

The Cayman Islands has the opportunity of a life time.

At this point in time our relation with the UK is vague. It is time for the Government to stand up for the rights of the Caymanian people.

I ask you, what legislation does the Cayman Islands follow? Human rights, as you know, is in its infancy if that much in our islands, whereas in the UK it is developed.

This is the classic colonial life of overseas territories. Look back in the slavery days. The UK had abandoned slavery way before the colonies did. Where is our representation in the UK?

For years we have lived in comfort in our country but when we venture a few miles out we realise that our country does not exist in the world.

I cannot state how many maps I have come across in Southern Africa that don’t even show our speck on the world map where other Caribbean countries are labelled clearly.

The Americans and Asians that I have met all have no clue that we exist.

What is worse is that the people from the United Kingdom don’t know we exist.

Tell me how is this possible?

Caymanians are very aware of the world around them. With all this being said, don’t you think the Cayman Islands is in a sense already independent?

Who does the Government answer to?

I believe the Cayman Islands should fight to secure its place in the United Kingdom, as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are all external holdings with some of the same rights as mainland American citizens; so should the Cayman Islands be in the United Kingdom.

Why should we carry a British Cayman Islands passport if we aren’t affiliated politically with the UK?

We need to question our Government and exercise our human rights with which we were born.


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