Today’s Editorial March 21: Spring has sprung

Monday was the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The vernal equinox is when the length of the day and night are about equal all over the world.

Early spring is a lovely time of year in Cayman. It usually features day upon day of dry, reasonably cool, cloudless days that make for spectacular sunsets.

Many people see the weeks ahead as a time to do spring cleaning, both indoors and out.

March is traditionally Cayman’s driest month, but rainy season is only two months away. So it’s time to start thinking about planting gardens and other landscaping.

The Mosquito Research and Control Unit are out doing their pre-season spraying campaign, knowing that the work they do now will go a long way to curtailing Cayman’s mosquito population when the annual rains come.

People can help the MRCU during this period by making sure there are no areas where water can settle and accumulate to provide a suitable breeding ground for mosquito larva.

Spring is also a time when residents must once again start thinking about another hurricane season.

Predictions are that coming hurricane season will once again be a very active one, perhaps even more active than last year’s record-setting season.

While there is still plenty of time to buy most hurricane supplies, there is less time to arrange for things like roof repairs or the addition of hurricane shutters.

Spring is also a time to get out the caulk and make sure all of your windows are sealed properly; to check the weather stripping on exterior doors; and to change the windshield wiper blades on your car.

For those who still don’t have home insurance, now is a good time to look into getting some.

It is also a good time to take down that dead or dangerous tree in the yard that could come crashing into your home during another hurricane or tropical storm.

Cayman was thankfully spared any serious widespread damage last year, but residents should not be lulled into a false sense of security. Our best protection against hurricanes is good preparation, and the time to prepare our homes and yards in right now.

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