Police target burglars

Concerned about the number of break-ins, police are going all out to beat the burglars.

A burglary reduction team, dedicated to detecting crimes and targeting known prolific offenders, will be in operation, said the RCIP.

And as part of a new strategy they will also focus on public education and prevention, high visibility patrols and working relationships with security guards and ‘other extended members of the law enforcement family.’

Officers will be using a number of tactics to detect burglaries and are encouraging people who fall victim to come forward, the RCIP added.

They are urging people to report any suspicious behaviour they notice and to make sure their homes are as secure as possible.

‘Although figures for burglary are relatively low when compared to other jurisdictions, we are committed to making people feel that their homes and possessions are safe,’ said RCIP Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis.

‘Since the beginning of March we have had 20 burglaries reported to us and over the last weekend (10-13 March) we had six reported incidents,’ he said.

‘It is vital that every break-in or attempted break-in is reported to us so we have a real, accurate picture of what is happening. This will assist us in analysing crime patters and trends,’ he added.

‘Lock your home, stand outside and see if you can find a way in. If the answer is yes, you have found a weakness that should be addressed,’ said Mr. Ennis.

‘We don’t want people to panic. The chances of becoming a burglary victim are very low but we want to make sure people are doing all they can to minimise the risk and not give offenders an easy ride.

‘We are confident that it is only a matter of time before a number of prolific burglars are put behind bars,’ said Mr. Ennis.

‘The shock of finding your home and privacy invaded by unknown people can often have a traumatic effect on the victim and quite frequently the items stolen are not only of monetary value but also sentimental value which no insurance policy can compensate,’ he said.

Anyone who has information about burglaries, the handling of stolen goods or notices anything suspicious should contact George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800 TIPS.

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