Constitution talks welcomed by UK

The Governor’s Office issued a press release Wednesday on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Constitutional Review Team stating they welcomed the recommencement of Constitution modernisation process in the Cayman Islands.

The statement came at the conclusion of three days of talks that started Monday are were led by Constitutional Review Team Leader Ian Hendry.

The talks included meetings with the Government, the Opposition, representatives of the Human Rights Committee and members of civil society.

The FCO team called the talks exploratory.

‘The objective of the visit was to explore where the Constitutional Review process stood following the stalling of the process in February 2004, and the way forward,’ the press release stated.

‘Given the time that had elapsed since the last formal talks in 2002, the Cayman Islands Government side indicated its desire to move the process forward, beginning with public consultations before formal negotiations start.’

The statement concurred with Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts’ explanation of the nature of the meetings.

Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush and other members of the Opposition had been critical of the meetings when they learned that formal negotiations toward the Constitution modernisation process were not on the agenda for this week’s meetings.

The FCO team stated that they would report back on the talks to UK Minister for the Overseas Territories, Lord Triesman.

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