Butterfield promotes Mr. Ebanks

Jeffrey Ebanks was recently promoted to senior manager of Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited’s Retail Banking division, responsible for leading a team of more than 100 employees.

“Jeffrey is ideal for this senior and critical position at Butterfield in that he has both good business sense and excellent leadership qualities. He is people focused and enjoys the constant interaction with his team and his clients,’ said Barry Yetton, senior manager and head of banking. ‘Jeffrey has never turned away from a challenge and views each situation with his customary fair but firm approach, earning the respect of his customers and his colleagues.’

Mr. Ebanks began his banking career in July 1981 with a small retail bank. He joined Butterfield Bank in July 1992 where he spent three years as a supervisor in retail banking, eventually transferring to the treasury department in January 1996 where he became department head in 2002.

As he worked his way up through the management levels of the bank, he realised that while his experience on the job served him well, it was important and necessary for him to gain a theoretical and wider knowledge of business in order to properly prepare for the more complex and challenging issues that arise at upper levels of management.

With this in mind, he embarked on a course of study with the Institute of Financial Services (formerly known as the Chartered Institute of Bankers) in the UK, graduating in 2004 as an associate to the Institute. He simultaneously earned an undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

‘My promotions over the years required the elements of self discipline, a competent manager guiding my career and good support teams. This combination facilitated my continued career growth, and I am truly grateful to all who assisted me,’ Mr. Ebanks said. ‘Overseeing Butterfield Bank’s Retail division will no doubt present me with yet another level of exciting challenges. I look forward to working with our dynamic team.’

Mr. Ebanks lives in West Bay and is married with two children.

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