C&W dials up hope for 16-year-old

Kimberly Bush has one less thing to worry about today.

The 16-year-old suffers a serious heart condition and had to find some way to stay in contact with medical attendants in Florida.

Cable & Wireless learned of Kimberly’s plight and donated a cell phone and special phone line.

Born with five valves in her heart, Kimberly was only diagnosed at the age of 16 when her mother took her to the doctor as she complained of symptoms such as tiredness and occasional numbness in her left arm.

The additional valve was closed in surgery, but unfortunately following the procedure she developed Wolf Parkinson’s White Syndrome, a disease involving the electrical fibres in the heart that can lead to irregular or rapid heart rates.

Monitoring this condition is crucial. The special phone line donated by Cable & Wireless allows Kimberly to be monitored by Lifeline in Miami, Florida. Whenever she feels her heart is racing, she connects the phone line to the wrist monitor she wears at all times for an immediate reading in the USA. This data is then immediately transferred via phone line to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

The donated cell phone will enable Kimberly to remain in constant contact with her family and be able to obtain medical treatment at any time if necessary.

‘We are delighted to donate the cell phone and phone line to Kimberly to assist with her medical treatment,’ commented Andrea Fa’amoe, Corporate Communications manager at Cable & Wireless. ‘At just 16- years-old, Kimberly has been through a lot in recent months. We truly admire her courage and are pleased to be able to offer support to her and her family.’

Due to this illness, Kimberly is unable to attend classes at school. She continues to complete her schoolwork with the assistance of her older brother Matthew and mom Darcy. While she tries to keep up with her studies, Kimberly finds mathematics the most difficult of her subjects and the family hopes to find somebody to volunteer some time to tutor her in this area.

Kimberly must travel to Miami every six months for medical appointments. A fund has been set up to assist Kimberly and her family with medical and travel expenses. Donations can be placed at Cayman National Bank, account number 02215976.

Those wishing to offer assistance can contact the family on 939 7836.

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