Lunchtime lecture explores Miss Lassie’s artwork

The National Gallery’s monthly lunchtime lectures are giving participants a healthy dose of art culture.

Led by Sorbonne-trained Emerentienne Paschalides, each month’s lecture is different in content, yet always focuses around the exhibition currently on display at the gallery.

Held on the fourth Wednesday of each month, last week’s one hour lecture gave a fascinating insight into the work of the late local visionary artist Gladwyn Bush, who began painting in 1984 following a spiritual experience that compelled her to paint.

Affectionately known as Miss Lassie, a selection of her artwork is currently on display at the gallery as part of the exhibition, The Art of Stamps.

The lecture, the last on the current exhibition, focused on one colourful piece in particular, Easter 1998: The World Praying for Peace, which was used as the artwork to produce a Cayman Islands stamp.

Ms Pashcalides, who the month before had conducted a lunchtime lecture on miniature artwork, also part of the Art of Stamps, discussed the merits of the painting, from technique, style, colour, perspective and positive and negative space.

She gave an informative insight about the painting and Miss Lassie’s style of work, which were often vibrant paintings, mostly representations of biblical scenes and ideals as envisioned in her dreams.

She explained that although the painting shows awkward drawing skills and lacks artistic detail, such as careful composition, shadow and light, it is still a powerful and energetic painting that is pleasing to the eye.

‘There is a real energy and rhythm in this painting which makes it come aliveā€¦..It is a genuine piece of art and Miss Lassie definitely had a vision which she had an urgency to express. How many people reach that extreme sense of mind?’ Ms Paschalides commented.

Participants were free to ask questions, and the lecture was rounded off with complimentary sandwiches and drinks.

Next month’s lunchtime lecture, from 12.15pm at the National Gallery, located on the ground floor of Harbour Place, South Church Street, will be held on Wednesday, 26 April and will look at the artwork which will be on display as part of Cayfest, the annual national festival of the arts.

Please RSVP the gallery on 945-8111 if you would like to attend next month’s lunchtime lecture which is free to attend.

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