Ja PM on crusade of change

Jamaica Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller spent much of Sunday at church pulpits in St. Catherine, urging Christians to join her on a crusade to change the country.

Mrs. Simpson Miller visited Bread of Life Ministries in Ewarton, St. Catherine, and from there, travelled to Portmore in the parish to worship with the congregation at Rehoboth Apostolic Church. On Saturday, the Prime Minister was a guest at the Kencot Seventh-day Adventist Church in St. Andrew.

Mrs. Simpson Miller caused quite a stir at the Rehoboth Apostolic Church when she walked into the well-decorated building.

A female church member was at the microphone reading the announcements for the week, when the Prime Minister stepped in.

All heaven broke loose as the congregation started cheering wildly, with some overzealous church members reaching out to touch the country’s leader. Mrs. Simpson Miller blew kisses in the air and the congregation got even more excited.

When called upon to speak, Mrs. Simpson Miller insisted that it was God who appointed her as Prime Minister. She noted that in light of this, Christians have a responsibility to support her.

“If I am appointed by the Almighty to be Prime Minister, then all of you Christians must give support to the appointment of the Lord. If it is not done, the whip will not be drawn against me, because I am going to be carrying out His will,” Mrs. Simpson Miller said.

The Prime Minister said that with the support of the churches, the country can be changed for the better.

“We need to change the course of history in this country forever, where all of us are going to work with God as the captain. We are going to work together for a better quality of life for all our people. No one person can achieve it, but I am prepared to lead this charge,” she said.

On Saturday, at the Kencot Seventh-day Adventist Church, Simpson Miller said she would be instructing her ministers to appoint a pastor to every public sector board, either in the capacity of chairman or as a member, to ensure probity.

Sunday’s church service in Portmore was also used to kick off celebrations marking the 35th anniversary of the Univer-sity and Allied Workers Union.

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