Aruba should enforce laws

Why would a storm and a boycott hurt tourism in Aruba?

Every teenage boy lusting in his heart will head to Aruba’s bars to drug, pick up and use young girls, knowing full well he can’t be held accountable for whatever happens, as long as she disappears.

Shoot, it can all be documented on camera and tape, he can lie and remorse indefinitely.

Chief Dompig and the boys will rest on their laurels in air conditioned comfort back at the station, waiting for the mandatory 48 hours before they start explaining why the boys are good boys, and why the mother should not be concerned, and anyway why the girl was drunk and culpable.

Meanwhile, Aruba’s lawyers have a heyday, and Aruba is the island of choice for what the world everywhere else would call ‘date rape.’

Instead of an ad campaign, the authority’s marketing director, Frits Israel, should focus on police training, walking beats, and police skills. And oh, it might be worthwhile to consider enforcing the laws already on the books – even to rich, local boys.

Jamessonk August

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