Top security for recovery efforts

With the National Recovery Fund’s relocation to new offices at the National Trust Building at Courts Road, several companies have stepped in to help cover the costs of repairing the building and creating a secure home for the Fund.

National Recovery Fund

National Recovery Fund executives, Cynthia Arie, Director of Marketing and Development, Aileen Samuel, Special Projects Officer and Dr. Mark Laskin, executive Director, express their appreciation to Security Centres Stuart Bostock, right, and Ted Day, Jr, second from left, for their gift of a security system for the Funds new home at Eastern Avenue and Courts Road. Photo: Submitted

Repairs to the building were underwritten by Butterfield Bank and the National Trust is allowing the Fund to occupy the building for the next two years, said a press release from the Fund.

Security of the premises has been taken up by Security Centre Limited which has provided a new alarm system. In addition, Security Centre is undertaking to monitor the area on a nightly basis to ensure that the property is secure at all times, the release said.

‘Providing our services without charge to the National Recovery Fund is one way in which we can contribute to the work of the Fund and we are happy to assist,’ said Stuart Bostock, President and CEO of Security Centre.

‘We acknowledge the very important role of the Fund in helping those less fortunate and are more than happy to assist them in this way,’ he added.

Executive Director of the Fund, Dr. Mark Laskin, noted that a number of companies continue to be generous in supporting Cayman’s recovery through provision of their goods and services.

‘We at the Fund welcome the support of Security Centre and other like-minded companies who recognize that the work of the Fund is ongoing. Donations like these help us in keeping our administrative costs to a minimum, allowing us to use donations for the critical task of providing improved housing and other community support,’ he said.

Some 150 houses are slated for complete rebuilding by the Fund and work has begun on several of these throughout Grand Cayman’s five districts.

The National Recovery Fund was established 23 September 2004 to provide relief for persons adversely affected by Hurricane Ivan through its housing recovery programme aimed at restoring families to suitable living conditions.

The Fund is a private independent Trust administered by a Board of Trustees. The Fund relies solely on donations to carry out its programmes.

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