dms celebrates 1st anniversary

Radio stations HOT 104.1 FM, KISS 106.1 FM and X 107.1 all celebrated their first anniversary last week when dms Broadcasting hosted the Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event in the parking lot of Mirco Centre.

Don Seymour, owner of dms, said he was proud of the accomplishment of opening three radio stations simultaneously.

‘A year back, many people probably wouldn’t have thought we’d be here today celebrating this event,’ he said. ‘In fact, when planning the simultaneous launch of the three stations … several consultants said it couldn’t be done at all.

‘People we spoke to hadn’t seemed to have heard of three stations being launched at once anywhere before.’

Mr. Seymour said dms carried out extensive market research before launching the three radio stations.

‘We… believed Cayman needed a selection of radio stations focusing on serving distinct demographic groups,’ he said. ‘With the diverse musical tastes of Cayman’s residents, the island was lacking in distinctive radio stations which were not trying to be all things to everybody.’

Mr. Seymour said dms Broadcasting also had to overcome the adversities created by Hurricane Ivan, and the difficulties it created in the business community.

‘However I still remained confident,’ he said. I also had complete confidence that the island would bounce back. I also believed that, as the island grew back, the radio stations could play a powerful part in the Island’s recovery, providing the community with a positive source and bringing normality into people’s lives.’

Mr. Seymour said he was proud to say dms was now operating three first-class radio stations in Cayman, which had received international recognition for their quality.

Among the events hosted by dms Broadcasting in its first year were the Spikepolooza volleyball tournament and the X 107.1 Build You Own Bikini contest. The station also launched the radio talk show HOT 104.1 FM Straight Talk with Sandra Catron.

Mr. Seymour said dms Broadcasting also places huge importance on the community and had donated part of the profits raised at the ‘Barcardi Gras’ event to the Bonaventure Home for Boys in West Bay.

During the next year, Mr. Seymour said dms wanted to make strides with its programming.

‘We will be introducing new on air personalities, some of whom have already recently arrived,’ he said.

Mr. Seymour said the dms staff played a big role in its successful first year.

‘I’d like to give special thanks to our staff, without whose hard work we wouldn’t have survived through the initial obstacles, or excelled throughout the year,’ he said.

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