Show Me Cuban music in Cayman

An all-female Cuban band has been keeping Cayman’s music scene on its toes, with their catchy Latina lyrics.

Formed just three years ago, the bands three members – Shelia Vives, bass, Yaima Hebra, piano, and Clartiza Campos, lead singer, along with sound engineer Qumart Imeert – are keeping busy performing at a number of Cayman’s venues, including the newly opened Latin- inspired bar and restaurant, Ernestos, as well as the prestigious Ritz-Carlton.

The band’s main focus is reggaeton music, a mixture of hip-hop and Jamaican style reggae laced with Spanish lyrics, but their repertoire also includes a heady mix of salsa, reggae and meringue. Essentially their sound is all about Cuba.

‘We really want to show Cayman what Cuban music is all about,’ Claritza, the band’s founding member, said.

‘Music is everything in Cuba. Almost everyone is a musician. It’s a part of life and we wanted to try and show that through our band,’ she added.

Show Me first performed in Cayman three years ago at Pirates Week. Their catchy Latin infused rhythms ensured that they were invited back again and again, garnering a number of loyal fans on island who have spurred the band on, encouraging and supporting them over the past couple of years.

Their first album, Laboratory, was released in 2005 and features 11 original tracks spiked with the Latin sounds the band has become renowned for.

Some are more of a laid back sound; others will have you dancing to the heavy beat, catchy rhythms and quick lyrics.

Show Me is currently the only all-female reggaeton band in Cuba, equally successful in its native homeland.

The band has performed at a number of concerts on island, including supporting act for QQ and the successful concert held late last year featuring popular reggaeton and dancehall artists Ivy Queen and Sasha.

‘The Ivy Queen and Sasha concert was really important to us as a band,’ Claritza said. ‘We launched some of our new songs that we had written while in Cayman. They were really well received which was very promising.’

The girls write all their own material, inspired by their life experiences. ‘I like to write about love, both the good and the bad. People can listen to it and say ‘that happened to me’,’ she said.

Show Me sings mostly in Spanish, occasionally adding a few English lyrics into the mix.

‘It is very difficult for us to sing Latin music in English. I would like to make more English songs; however, I don’t think it really matters. Even if people don’t understand the lyrics, they understand the meaning of the song. It is in the rhythm, the sound, the way it is sung,’ Claritza explained.

The bands name came from a passing comment from a previous band manager. Both Sheila and Claritza left a former band to set up Show Me together. Their band manager at the time did not believe they could do it, saying, ‘show me and I will believe you then.’

Looking forward, Show Me hopes to produce another album by the end of the year, ideally partnering with a band from Cayman, extending the repertoire, promoting themselves and growing their fan base further.

Claritza added: ‘We just want to bring some Cuban flavour to the island.’ Anyone who has listened to their music will surely agree.

Show Me play at Ernestos at The Strand, on Friday nights, The Ritz-Carlton, Silver Palms, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

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