Today’s Editorial April 19: Pirates Week move wise

It looks like we can expect great things from this year’s Pirates Week festivities thanks to the Ministry of Tourism.

The Ministry has wisely decided to change the dates of Pirates Week 2006 from the last week in October to the second and third weeks of November.

Those who attempted to attend Pirates Week activities in 2005 can remember all too well the rained-out and cancelled events.

It was miserable.

And it’s been that way far too long because October is one of the rainiest months in the Cayman Islands.

Last year’s disaster had just about everyone complaining to anyone and everyone who had any inkling of control over the festival.

Many of those consisted of food vendors who had prepared succulent Cayman-style food only to have it go uneaten because of bad weather.

We even editorialized that the date should be changed once and for all.

Pirates Week was formed in 1977 to give a boost to Cayman’s tourism industry during the off-season.

While November is closer to high season than October, it’s still a pretty quiet time as far as tourism goes.

We think the date change will be a win-win situation for everyone.

Those who love to take part in Pirates Week hopefully won’t have to worry about rainfall and visitors who book trips to the Cayman Islands specifically for Pirates Week can almost certainly be guaranteed a successful festival and a good time.

Pushing the date back also gives visitors who attend Fantasy Fest in Key West the last week of October a chance to take part in that festival and be able to attend Pirates Week in the Cayman Islands.

This year’s festival should go on without a hitch and offer the excellent combination of street dances, district days, landing pageant, float parade, fireworks show, festival queen costume competition, song-fest, trial of the pirates, sports events and kids’ activities.

The moving of the dates is proof that those in the Ministry of Tourism are listening to the residents of the Cayman Islands.

Further proof is seen in the Ministry’s promise to initiate Mel McCoy’s idea to have lunch meals on sale in George Town from the respective District Day kitchens.

What a wonderful thing for the people who live and work in George Town and want a taste of East End, North Side, West Bay and Bodden Town.

We thank the Ministry for changing Pirates Week festivities to 9 November through 19 November.

It was a wise and well-thought out move.

Now if we can just convince the rain gods to be good sports….

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