Mark Chaloner wins World Class Squash Challenge

Squash Professional Mark Chaloner recently showed Cayman’s hot shots just how hard it is to get a point from one of the best.

A large crowd at the South Sound courts was fascinated for two hours as Gabe Rabess, Jeff Broderick, and Dean Watson tried every trick in the book to get nine points in nine games.

Despite Gabe’s iron-man fitness and formidable retrieving ability, the fast and long points of the first three games left him looking a little worn, and the hotshots without a point.

It wasn’t until the fifth game when Jeff executed a spectacular forehand dropshot, that the hot shots got on the board. Only outright winners could succeed, as Mark simply just didn’t miss. One must remember that the hot shots weren’t playing conservative squash – they were playing on the edge.

Dean Watson, a former 81 in the world himself, and a brilliant shot-maker looked like he had the best chance, but the seventh game was again scoreless. But with Mark tiring a little, and Dean playing some incredible squash, the hot shots total increased to three in the eighth game, and six in the ninth, just shy of the nine needed.

The final score was 9-0,9-0,9-0 / 9-0,9-1,9-0 / 9-0,9-1,9-3. The event was sponsored by Cayman Contractor Store and Transparent Tools. With enthusiastic support from the local squash crowd, the World Challenge Series will continue in early June.

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