A call for independence

I respond to a letter penned by Mr. Dale Fogis to your newspaper in the not too distant pass called Too soon for independence.

Well, yes Sir Mr. Fogis, I am a Caymanian who would like to see the Cayman Islands have full independence.

It’s obvious that you and I, sir, have differing opinions on this matter, and as I respect your views, I only ask that you respect mine.

Correct me if I am wrong Mr. Fogis, but is your major concern regarding Caymanian independence only on money and the financial industry?

From your letter, it appears that way. Will all the offshore banks pull out carrying with them all of their money? Then so be it!

Years ago Caymanians were poor, but we survived. Caymanians were poor, but we were closer to God.

Caymanian were poor, but we owned the land.

Caymanians were poor, but we were proud of our identity.

Today we are rich, but fighting for survival.

Today we are rich yet so far away from God.

Today we are rich, but we can’t afford to buy the land.

Today we are rich, but have no identity.

The truth is, my friend, we are still poor…we only think that we are rich.

Owning a 2006 Lexus does not make me rich. It belongs to the bank until I make my last payment.

But sir, I must confess here: I am rich! I am a multi-millionaire simply because I have God and I have the arts. What more could I desire?

So if independence, which would make my people living here, feel more patriotic causes the banks to pull out and go to Gibraltar, go ahead. If the CI dollar should devalue becoming CI$1.50 to US$1 then so be it. Then we would see who is Caymanian and who would be taking the next flight out never to return.

It is none of my business whether or not the future Caymanian Prime Minister banks his personal funds in Switzerland.

I am only concerned about this country’s treasury and the spending of the people’s money. Many, many Caymanians do not support my views on political independence.

They support me as a performer/entertainer, but not my far left wing political thinking.

Therefore I will rest the case. One man can’t change the system. But he can get his people thinking.

Quincy Brown

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