Chisholm Trail isn’t real

I am a bit perturbed by your story ‘Chisholm Trail Hike cancelled’ hidden on page 13 of your newspaper published on Thursday, 13 April, which reports that the National Trust has cancelled their planned hike of Bulrush walk and the Chisholm Trail.

This suggests that the National Trust unilaterally decided to cancel this event like they unilaterally decided to trespass on private property without and reference or permission from the landowners.

First of all I am very suspicious of anything the National Trust does related to land ownership in this area, this property is privately owned under absolute title, guaranteed by the Cayman Islands Government, by several long standing families in North Side, but has been under threat of confiscation by the National Trust and other environmental zealots.

Secondly there is no such trail named Chisholm Trail that transverses this private property, that gives the National Trust or anyone else any prescriptive rights to roam and desecrate this private property.

This area includes such places as Cotton Piece, Further Ground, Cedar Cliff, White Mud, Forest Glen, Malcolm Hut, etc. Please do not try to create another Mastic Trail in the wrong location by inventing Chisholm Trail. The next steps no doubt will be to solicit service club help to reconstruct this non-existent trail so members of the National Trust can profit by charging ignorant tourists and miss informing them about the history and use of this area.

Neither the National Trust, nor anyone else will be allowed to make a public spectacle of the private burial site of the Chisholm ancestors; we will not stand to be treated like the North American Red Indians.

The fact is that these land owners do not wish to get in bed with the National Trust. We did not start any controversy. The National Trust advertised this walk without any consultation with the landowners; as usual they attack our rights and we have to defend ourselves.

It is only because we called their office and complained that they cancelled this walk. I called 10 times on Wednesday and left two messages, asking Mr. Roulstone or Miss Bodden to call me, neither of which has been returned to date.

There is nothing the National Trust can tell these landowners about their heritage and history, please do not try to mask your true motives – confiscation of this private property, with such lofty pretend goals.

This is private property on which no trespassing signs have and will be posted – keep out National Trust.

Ezzard Miller

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