Respect for national pride

On Sunday I had the pleasure of an invite to a party to celebrate Saint George by my English work mates. Of course trying not to be impolite I asked who is St George and why the celebration?

Well St George is the patron saint of England and St George’s day falls on the 23rd April each year so all the English celebrate just as the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

So being a national day for the English I joined in the celebration of all things English, flags of England, which is a red cross on a white background, English music to the sounds of Queen and the Beatles and a good bottle of red stripe and a plate of goat curry, almost an all English celebration.

Never the less it was nice to see other nationalities joining in the spirit of things including Caymanians, Jamaicans, American, Scottish and Irish joining the English on their national day.

At a time where nationalism is growing not only in Cayman but around the world it was truly a good spirited party where respect for each others nationality and pride in their own country was shown.

God bless Saint George and God help the dragons.

Dale Fogis

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