Government merry-go-round

At last we have all heard about the new changes at Northward Prison announced by the Chief Secretary. Interesting news if you are like me and my friends who watch what’s going on within the Government merry-go-round.

The present prison bosses are being replaced by a new prison commissioner from overseas. Yet they are still in charge of the day-to-day stuff, as quoted by the Chief Secretary.

So is the new overseas commissioner going to be the next fall guy for the people who have had their time at the top and obviously not met the standard or is it a case of having so many top bosses that when things go wrong in such a small department that we will not know who to blame so no one gets blamed.

I smell a rat and I am told from good sources at the prison that we have interesting times ahead so my friends and I will continue to watch, along with the case of police corruption recently reported.

Dale Fogis

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