Wake up, made up

A new beauty procedure available at Eclipze Hair Design and Day Spa allows you to wake up with some of your make-up already applied.

Permanent make-up, now available at the salon located at Alexander Place on Dorcy Drive, is a tattooing process, meaning it cannot be washed off and, just like a tattoo it eventually fades.

Beauty Therapist and Permanent Make-up Artist Tricia Coolman-Ali explained that in most cases iron oxide (ingredient used in make-up) is used instead of tattoo ink. This is inserted into the skin to produce a fuller brow, lined eyes, lined lips or even full lip colour.

Since the procedure became available at the salon last month, two people have availed of the service. Mrs. Coolman-Ali embarked on the 60 hour course in Permanent Make-up or micropigmentation in January. She trained for it at the Florida College of Natural Health in Miami

Permanent make-up, explains Mrs. Coolman-Ali, is for any woman who doesn’t have time to apply make-up every morning, but still wants to look good. ‘It’s such a life changing thing and gives people such freedom in not having to apply make-up every morning,’ she commented.

It could serve very useful to women who are perhaps allergic to kohl eye liner pencils or who have over-tweezed their brows and no longer have proper eyebrows, she suggests.

While the treatment itself is not cheap – eye brow, eye liner and lip liner treatments cost CI$650 each while full lip colour is $900 – once applied, the treatment should last anywhere from five to eight years.

The effect will fade fastest for those who use lots of alpha hydroxies and take a lot of sun. Noting that she herself applies eye liner each morning, Mrs. Coolman-Ali says it is something she will is looking forward to having done herself.

The procedure can take between one and two and a half hours, depending on which particular one it is. Ice packs are applied to the affected area afterwards.

A second session, which takes place four to six weeks after the first one, involves going over the area again to even it up and darken it if necessary. This is a part of the entire procedure and included in the cost.

However, anyone interested in having the treatment done will need to undergo a full consultation with Mrs. Coolman-Ali first. This is free of charge.

The prospective client fills out a series of forms including medical history, to ascertain if they are a good candidate for the procedure, because, it is not for everyone.

She explains that those with sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis would be advised to stay away from it, as should those with raised scars or hyper-pigmentation problems.

Anyone with glaucoma is advised against getting the eye liner treatment.

People with diabetes need to consult their doctor before considering getting the treatment done because of the healing process.

The therapist cautioned that those suffering from depression or stress or those who are pregnant should also stay away from the treatment as their emotions may not be as stable as normal in making the decision whether to have it done. Remember, this will be with you for the next five to eight years and costs hundreds of dollars!

The permanent make-up artist also advises that before undergoing an MRI or cat-scan the technician should be notified if the client has had permanent make-up applied.

Of course, like any tattoo, there is an element of pain involved in the application. Topical anaesthetics are used to help with discomfort and help to take the edge off.

Something Mrs. Coolman-Ali puts a lot of emphasis on is her dedication to totally sterile equipment.

So if you imagine yourself swimming, running or being out in the sun without smudges, streaking or runny make-up and without having to touch up eyes or lips in the mirror you may want to investigate if permanent make-up is right for you.

For more information call Tricia at Eclipze at 945-1188.

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