Bush probes Customs investigation

Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush has submitted eight Parliamentary Questions for response during the current Meeting of the Legislative Assembly, including one about an investigation into ‘irregularities in the collection of funds in the Customs Department’.

Mr. Bush said earlier this week the question, along with two others, was submitted prior to the last meeting of the House, but went unanswered. Those questions, along with five new ones were filed 18 April with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.

The question concerning Customs reads: ‘Has there been, or is there presently, any ongoing investigation, police or otherwise, into irregularities in the collection of funds in the Customs Department and, if so, what are the results and what determination has been made.

The Caymanian Compass queried Collector of Customs Carlon Powery last year about the matter. Mr. Powery confirmed there was an internal investigation, but could not give any details.

Other questions posed by Mr. Bush included one asking what assistance the Department of Tourism gave to Spirit Airlines to start its Cayman route and the cost of any such assistance; one asking when the University College of the Cayman Islands submitted its [Hurricane Ivan] insurance claim and whether any payments were received on that claim; one asking whether the Cayman Airways Board of Directors has had any discussions with Boeing and Embraer about plans to change Cayman Airways’ fleet; and one asking how many teachers have indicated that they will not be returning to school in September 2006.

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