Caymanians must reciprocate

Congratulations to Cayman Airlines and its administrators for the foresight in establishing a route to Boston, New England and the East Coast of the Untied States. It is apparent that this choice will be lucrative and enhance travel to the Cayman Islands.

The populace of this area is no longer questioning recovery from Ivan and is anxiously anticipating their future travel to this beautiful country. The marketing of this route has created excitement and a particular focus in the tourist industry. The major newspapers, on their own initiatives, have undertaken extensive editorials in lavishing the splendour of this opportunity. The Islands are no longer considered as a perchance vacation resort, but looked upon as being stable, hospitable, accommodating and a land of opportunity.

The reverse side of this spectrum is the created of a reciprocal opportunity of travel by the Caymanians to Boston and New England. Through the Internet or local travel agencies there are many affordable packages, which take tourists from Logan Airport in Boston to lodging accommodations throughout the New England states.

These are easily accessible to each other in a reasonable travel time. Each state has unique and individual vistas of large lakes, sprawling beaches, breath-taking mountains, cobblestone streets, theatres, shopping and restaurants. New England is one of the largest tourist areas in the world. It is affordable, accommodating and friendly. It possesses an aura of time gone by.

For this privilege of direct travel to continue, Caymanians must take advantage of all that New England has to offer or this foresight, which has created this opportunity, may fail. In benefiting others, remember to take part in the beneficial interests.

Paul A. Gargano

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