Providence Rock Starz split games in fast-pitch action

Donald Watler, pitcher for Providence Rock Starz, delivered a superb game and completely dominated Dean’s Daredevils by allowing only five hits and two runs.

On the other hand Bradley Robinson, Armando Robinson and Santos Castillo had eight hits and scored five of Rock Starz’s nine runs.

Earl Smith was the pitcher on the losing end.

Rock Starz’s second game of the evening was not an easy one as they faced the much rejuvenated Jose’s Pirates which had four teenagers in their starting lineup. They also had two father and son combos and one uncle/nephew combo.

The live bats of the Pirates made a difference in their 17-12 victory as Eudelices Matos and Luis Clarke each had two home runs while Smarnell Thomas made an excellent catch in the outfield.

Armando Robinson and Byron of Rock Starz each had one home run.

Winning pitcher was Rodolfo Whitaker and the losing pitcher Lawrence Taylor.

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