Throne Speech criticised

West Bay legislator Rolston Anglin opened up the recommenced Meeting of the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday by questioning the usefulness of the Throne Speech delivered by this and past governors.

Governor Stuart Jack delivered the 2006 Throne Speech last Wednesday during the State Opening of the 2006/07 Session of the Legislative Assembly.

‘Listening to the Throne Speech reminded me how we’ve become so accustomed to tradition,’ Mr. Anglin said.

‘But if you compare [last week’s Throne Speech] to every one I’ve seen in my time in the Legislative Assembly, they all seem the same,’ he said. ‘Pick up any Throne Speech and it’s the same thing with a different date, different headings, and a different person giving it.

‘What you get is headings with brief blurbs that are so meaningless with regard to the health and state of this country.’

Mr. Anglin found little of last week’s Throne Speech to comment on.

‘It was a very boring and uneventful thirty-something pages,’ he said. ‘No disrespect to the Governor, but when you see something year after year after year, you have to question what you’re hoping to achieve.

‘Needless to say, I don’t have much to say [in contribution to the Throne Speech debate].’

Mr. Anglin said the Legislative Assembly had to update the way it did things, and suggested debate on the Policy Statement would be more important to debate, even though it was not listed on the Order Paper for the day.

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