Today’s Editorial May 05: Visitors, please cover up

Let us start by saying the majority of us in the Cayman Islands are not prudes.

We do, however, have high standards we strive to achieve and expect those who visit our shores to show respect to our country and our people.

Particularly offensive to many in the Cayman Islands is the manner of dress, or undress, we see on some of our visitors parading down our streets.

Public nudity is strictly prohibited in the Cayman Islands.

Men and women who sport bikinis without benefit of a cover are extremely close to pushing the envelope. We don’t appreciate it and many find it insulting.

The human body is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but as granny used to say: keep it covered and keep them wondering.

Those who dress inappropriately put workers at retail shops and restaurants in an uncomfortable position. It is up to those who work in the service industry to tell our guests when they are inappropriately clad.

We would hope that anyone visiting our shores would familiarize themselves with our customs and ways.

But that’s not always the case, especially for our guests who arrive via cruise ships.

While many cruise ships warn guests to dress appropriately via on-ship newsletters, not everyone reads those missives. Perhaps a quick announcement via ship personal address systems offering the friendly warning would be appropriate.

We certainly want all of our visitors to the Cayman Islands to have a wonderful time and take happy memories home with them.

There are many beaches on all three of our islands where bikini-clad sunbathers are more than welcomed to stretch out on a towel and soak up our rays.

But we humbly ask that when they leave the beach they put on appropriate cover.

The Cayman Islands isn’t just a tourist Mecca – those of us who live here also work here and our cruise ship visitors are dropped off in the very heart of our financial and business district.

So, if you’re here on holiday, welcome.

Enjoy our beaches, attractions, shopping, dining and our people.

But please respect our codes of conduct and act accordingly.

We guarantee a good time will be had by all.

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