Aqua Beach behind DARE

The management of Aqua Beach Restaurant and MTM promotions are presenting a charity event at the Aqua Beach Bar and Restaurant during the evening of Saturday, 20 May, in support of the Cayman Islands DARE programme.

Monies raised at the event will help sponsor future DARE courses, vehicles, resources and graduations.

The DARE programme is a 10-week programme administered by the RCIPS and is aimed at teaching children, normally aged 10-11years, about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and violence.

The event will feature the launch of a new band, Retro, whose music is aimed at preventing the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

The bands manager, Mr. Tony Alemade, said: ‘The DARE program presents an important message to Cayman’s kids to resist drugs, violence and peer pressure.”

Manager of Aqua Beach, Mr. Jason Moir, added that net profits and patron donations will be presented to the DARE programme at a formal handing over ceremony.

“I’m a great believer in helping the community,” he said. “I was brought up to support charities and I firmly believe that the DARE program is invaluable to the kids of today.”

The event will take place from 8pm – 11pm. Donations for entry are invited. Anyone wishing to support or sponsor part of the event should contact Jason Moir at 949-8498

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