Grounded set to open

Some of Cayman’s most prolific and respected artists will be participating in an exciting new exhibition to be held at the Ritz-Carlton.

Opening Thursday, May 18, Grounded, co-ordinated by Trina Christian of Cayman Traditional Arts, will feature artwork by five native Caymanian artists; sculptor, painter and artist, Horacio Esteban, artist and musician Randy Chollette and artists Al Ebanks, Chris Christian and Gordon Soloman.

Mrs Christian said: ‘This is an exciting event as it features so many of Cayman’s most respected artists all in one exhibition.’

Each artist is free to interpret the theme of grounded in their own way, a reason which Mrs Christian cites will make this exhibition so exciting.

‘It will be interesting to see how each artist has taken the theme and interpreted it in their own work,’ Mrs Christian said.

Commenting on why she chose the theme grounded, Mrs Christian said: ‘The idea for the theme came from the title of local poet Leanord Dilbert’s latest book, Grown From This Ground. I also felt it was a suitable theme as all the artists participating are from this ground, they are from Cayman.’

The artists are all members of Native Sons – a group established to promote local Caymanian art – confirming their status as some of the best Cayman has to offer.

All are award winning artists and many have artwork in permanent collections in Cayman and have exhibited their work internationally.

Each artist will be exhibiting a minimum of 10 artworks and mediums will run the gamut from Horacio’s Caymanite statues to paintings in oils, acrylics, ink and mixed media.

Mrs Christian explained that there will be something for everyone, with the styles of artwork running from Randy Chollette’s spiritually influenced paintings to Gordon Solomon’s depictions of local scenes.

The recently opened gallery at The Ritz-Carlton is proving a popular location to showcase work by local artists.

Since opening at the end of 2005, The Gallery has shown works by artists such as Maureen Anderson, John Broad, Joanne Sibley, Chris Christian, April Bending and Avril Ward.

‘We as so honoured to showcase new work of the Native Sons in The Ritz-Carlton,’ said vice president and general manager Jean Cohen. ‘Our guests have been fascinated by the pieces in our permanent art collection by Al Ebanks and Horacio Esteban, and they express great interest in purchasing work from Caymanian artists.’

The Gallery at the Ritz-Carlton is devoted to promoting the work of Cayman’s artists to some of the world’s most sophisticated travellers and art buyers.

With guidance from The National Gallery, The Gallery puts on four to six shows per year and offers all of the work for sale through the hotel’s retail outlets.

‘We are hoping the public will come out to the opening and support our local artists,’ Mrs Christian said, adding that it offers the ideal opportunity to purchase artwork from some of Cayman’s finest artists.

The exhibition opens Thursday, 18 May at 6pm Complimentary wine and canapés will be provided by the Ritz-Carlton.


Horacio was born of Caymanian and Cuban parents in Havana, Cuba, moving to Cayman Brac at the age of four. Here he became enthralled by the island’s natural beauty and in particular with Cayman’s indigenous stone, Caymanite.

The artist studied at Miami Springs High where he developed an interest in the more technical side of art, graphics, layout and paste-up. It was not until he returned home that his creative spark was re-ignited.

Today he translates his passion and love of art into sculptures and fascinating works of art using local stone, woods and a variety of mediums and materials.


Artist, musician and Rastafarian, Randy Chollette’s talents are God given and spiritually driven. Randy’s work ranges form realistic to the abstract covering themes such as spirituality, landscape, cultural artefacts and political statements. Evident in his art is his love for Cayman’s natural surroundings, honour of his African heritage and observance of brotherhood and humanity.

His most recent accolades include winning The McCoy Prize 2004. The Cayman National Cultural Foundation and The National Museum have all purchased his works as a part of their mandate to preserve Cayman’s cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy.


A self-employed artist and founding member of Native Sons, Al has attended many workshops over the past years to refine his painting and sculpting skills, taking the decision to become a professional painter in 1989. He best describes his artwork as a fresh twist of abstract and impressionist art. Al is also a talented sculptor in stone and ceramics.

Permanent collections of the artist’s work can be seen at The National Museum, The National Gallery as well as internationally at the Griffin Gallery, Chicagao. He has also exhibited at a solo show held at the Jackie Gleason Theatre, Miami.


Chris studied commercial art in Canada, 2002, where he realized his true passion was in fine arts, although Chris is also a talented photographer and graphic artist. He has exhibited his work in New York city as well as many solo and group exhibitions in Cayman.

The artist received a lifetime achievement award for his achievement in the arts as part of the Quincentennial Celebrations and has dedicated himself to preserving Cayman’s arts and heritage through his business Cayman Traditional Arts.

Chris’s artwork can be viewed at Pure Art and Kennedy Gallery.


Gordon declares that his passion for art has always been present. He studied art at the Community College and The University of Superior Art in Cuba and went on to have his first exhibit with Native Sons in 1999.

Since then, the artist has exhibited at the National Museum, The Visual Arts Society, The McCoy Prize and at an international art exhibition, London.


Cayman Traditional Arts is an organisation dedicated to keeping Caymanian culture and heritage alive. CTA are currently planning a kids camp this summer which will feature cooking demonstrations and traditional arts and games. Dates and venue are to be confirmed. Contact CTA on 746 – 2787 for further information.