Projects to improve roads, health

Caymanians should expect some welcome improvements to the island in the coming year, with major road, healthcare and waste projects in the works.

Speaking to the Legislature on Wednesday, Communications, Works and Infrastructure Minister Arden McLean confirmed the government’s commitment to improving traffic congestion through the completion of two major road projects.

The Minister expressed his confidence that the Esterley Tibbetts Highway will be in a driveable state by 30 June, and that within a month after it opens, construction will then begin on the east-west bypass from Savannah to Prospect.

He also made renewed commitments to pave as many other roads as possible throughout Grand Cayman.

Due to the rising numbers of accidents and fatalities, Mr. McLean warned that drivers should expect more stringent traffic measures, including seatbelt enforcement, a revamped permit system and a traffic points system penalizing speeders and careless drivers.

‘This is not hurting the poor man,’ he said, as only those disobeying the rules of the road will be affected.

The Minister also announced that a reassessment of waste management strategies throughout the Cayman Islands was under way. Having just attended the North American Waste and Energy Conference, Minister McLean said that solutions were on the horizon.

In addition to improving landfill and incineration facilities, he made it clear that alternative disposal solutions, accompanied by a national recycling program and the introduction of tipping fees, would bring slapdash Cayman Islands waste disposal methods into the modern era of waste management.

‘It must be done as the future of our country’s health and environment are at stake,’ he said.

In support of ongoing efforts to improve healthcare, Health and Human Services Minister Anthony Eden announced a new set of health initiatives covering new laws and regulations and the improvements of facilities.

Minister Eden also revealed his plans to open district medical clinics, each serviced by a local ambulance, in all districts by year’s end, to improving service at the George Town hospital, which has already commenced with a new board and a new CEO.

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