Today’s Editorial May 19: NRF needs your help

When most people who are aware of us think about the Cayman Islands they think of wealth and prosperity.

On the surface we do look like a very well-off country.

But if you take a stroll down some of our roads and see the destruction that still remains from Hurricane Ivan almost two years ago, that perception quickly fades.

If we were a country of untold wealth, our residents who still haven’t had their homes repaired from the storm damage wouldn’t still be depending on the kindness of family and friends for housing.

We still have too many people whose homes are uninhabitable.

The National Recovery Fund has made great inroads into the repair of homes, but much more needs to be done.

Indeed, if we were a country of riches those who oversee the NRF wouldn’t have to be making an appeal for $5 million to help meet the fund’s goal of $15 million.

We are proud of the individuals and businesses that have helped inject $10 million into the Fund already.

But it shouldn’t take two years for this country to collectively help the Fund reach its $15 million goal.

While most of us know the outside world’s perception of our wealth, those of us who live and work here know the reality of how much we actually make and spend on daily living.

If we all pitch in just a bit, we can help the Fund reach its goal.

And as the Fund’s Director of Marketing and Development Cynthia Arie suggests, you can do more than just provide cash to help in the recovery effort.

Those of us who are able bodied can donate our time and labour.

We can donate supplies.

We can all support NRF fundraisers like the one slated for 3 June at Grand Old House.

Hurricane Ivan was not an isolated storm; it was a tragic event that cut each and every one of us who lived and worked here to the quick.

As such, the recovery must be something that we as a collective whole help with.

It was wonderful to see neighbour helping neighbour after the storm; to see strangers pitching in to clean up; and to watch as we all pulled together to restore our homes and businesses.

But more still needs to be done.

And right now the best way to help is to put your support completely behind the National Recovery Fund. If you want to help out, but are at a loss as to how, give them a call at 323-0551 or 946-3863 or drop Ms Arie an email at [email protected]

The NRF and the people depending on them need our help. Let’s give it to them.

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