Pampering your health

Facials rejuvenate mind, body


Facials rid the body of harmful toxins, helping to boost the immune system and slow the skins aging process.

When you contemplate going to the spa to get a facial, or any kind of spa treatment, it is usually thought of as an unnecessary luxury that you are treating yourself to.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The number of health benefits gained from having regular facials far outweighs the beauty benefits.

At the Silver Rain Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, they know all about pampering in style while also improving your health.

Their Silver Rain facial, a treatment exclusive to the Silver Rain Spa, provides 90 minutes of intensive cleansing, massage and relaxation. Lead aesthetician Hefina Rees is well-trained in the health benefits behind such treatments, and is a firm believer in the necessity of taking care of yourself and your skin regularly.

‘The skin is the largest living organ on the body,’ said Ms Rees. ‘And our bodies are like batteries. We need recharging.’

When Ms Rees mentions this sentiment, she is immediately touching on the most obvious benefit of spa treatments, particularly facials. They provide much-needed stress relief.

‘In today’s society, it doesn’t even matter whether you work or not, there are lots of pressures on us and all of us get stressed,’ commented Ms Rees.

The Silver Rain facial certainly takes care of stress. Your skin is treated to multiple cleansing treatments and face masks, while your hands and feet are also massaged and moisturised. Their unique ‘raindrop massage’, which involves lightly sprinkling three different essential oils over your face, neck and d├ęcolletage, which are then massaged into your skin, sends you into the deepest state of relaxation you’ve most likely ever experienced.

Several other important health benefits are also achieved from regular facials. One of them is the increase in circulation that the massaging of your face and neck provides. This increase in circulation improves your immune system and stimulates lymphatic drainage, in which your lymph nodes are drained of the toxins that they carry, therefore simultaneously detoxifying your body.

‘With any massage, when you increase the circulation, which increases lymphatic drainage, you are getting toxins away from the body,’ said Ms Rees. ‘However facial massages are even better because the majority of your lymph nodes are in your face, neck and chest area. You only have a relative few in the remaining areas of your body.’

Toxins also carry fat, so it is said that these treatments can often stimulate your body to lose weight more efficiently. However, the most important aspect is that toxins that remain in your body contribute to skin puffiness, a speedier aging process and the wearing down of collagen fibres.

This basically means that by eliminating your body of toxins you will have a more efficient immune system and your skin will age slower.

The use of aromatherapy in facial treatments is also beneficial. Aromatherapy not only aids in stress relief but aromatherapy oils help your skin too, when applied. ‘There are many different aromatherapy scents,’ said Ms Rees. ‘Each one does something different. For example, rose oil is hydrating, so you would use it on someone with drier skin.’

Your skin condition is determined in a consultation at the beginning of your facial. ‘Everyone’s skin is different,’ said Ms Rees. ‘We are more cautious with sensitive skin, for example, but we can customise the Silver Rain facial for anyone. It’s the perfect facial for anyone.’

When you attend the Silver Rain Spa to receive a facial or any other spa treatment, the pampering and relaxation is not limited to the treatment room. Upon arrival, you are provided with a plush white robe and guided into the Silver Haven Lounge, in which you are waited on hand and foot by the spa’s ‘Angels’. Drinks, fruit and edible delicacies prepared by the Ritz-Carlton chefs are brought to your individual chaise lounge while you wait to be called in for your appointment.

Afterwards, you are welcomed back to the Silver Haven Lounge or you can go downstairs to the Women’s or Men’s Sanctuaries, where a sauna, steam room or hot tub await you should you wish to use them.

These aspects are all part of the essential relaxation process. ‘We need to invest in our bodies,’ Ms Rees states.

To book an appointment at the Silver Rain Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, or for more information on the treatments they offer, phone 815-6900.

Did you know?

The Silver Haven Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is 22,000 square-feet and cost $16 million to build, $1 million of which was spent on the spa’s entrance.

The entrance was made entirely out of water-based properties to represent the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, home of the famous la prairie spa which provides the Silver Rain Spa with products.

The Silver Rain Spa uses only la prairie products in their treatments.

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