Today’s Editorial May 25: This native was sincere

There is an extremely refreshing letter on this page today.

It’s from a couple from the United States telling us what a great time they had in the Cayman Islands.

Those kinds of letters to the editor aren’t uncommon.

We get a lot more of those than from people who didn’t enjoy their stay here.

What makes this letter unique is the couple’s recounting of breakfast at one of our restaurants.

They praised the fixings at Corita’s Copper Kettle, which we didn’t find unusual.

What we did find unique is what happened when they got ready to pay the bill.

Not only had someone picked up their tab, but someone left them a friendly note.

Read the letter titled Acts of kindness.

To the native Caymanian who picked up the tab and left the note, thank you for being such a wonderful ambassador of the Cayman Islands.

While we’re not advocating that all Caymanians pick up the breakfast tabs of all visitors, we are advocating what this caring Caymanian did; he went out of his way to let visitors know they are special.

We can all do it every day.

It can be just as simple as offering a friendly smile, holding open a door or answering visitors’ questions in a nice, friendly manner.

We can help by being gracious while driving behind tourists and remember they’re in a foreign country and many probably aren’t too sure about this driving on the left thing and it’s possible they could be lost.

In the Acts of kindness letter from the Zimmermans of Ohio they agreed that the Cayman Islands is beautiful and offers fantastic scuba diving.

What impressed them most was the warmth they felt from the people who live in the Cayman Islands. The picking up of the tab and nice note from Sincerely a Native, was just the icing on the cake.

It will be that experience and the others they had that they relate to family and friends when they return home.

They said that the Cayman Islands has won them over for ever and they’ll be glad to tell everyone of their great Cayman experience.

It’s wonderful to know that the people the couple from Ohio came into contact with while in the Cayman Islands, treated them genteelly and left a good impression.

We know we’ve got at least two goodwill ambassadors for the Cayman Islands in Ohio thanks to the people here.

It is so important for each of us to leave our guests with a good impression.

There are hundreds of other Caribbean destinations with sugar-white beaches, colourful coral, top-notch restaurants and fantastic shopping.

What sets the Cayman Islands apart and lures visitors to our shores time and time again, is our people.

Thanks Sincerely a Native for making the Zimmerman’s visit here unforgettable.

We could all take a cue from him and remember to go out of our way to make our visitors’ visits not only enjoyable, but memorable for all the right reasons.

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