Aqua Miss team wins ‘Grand Slam’

Fishing tales are told in abundance among anglers in the Cayman Islands, but this one is not only true-and verifiable-but also has a particularly happy ending.

The occasion was the ninth-annual Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament, sponsored by the Cayman Islands Angling Club. An armada of more than 60 boats, with a minimum of four anglers in each, had gathered in George Town Harbour in late April to begin four days of fishing.

The ‘Bimini Start,’ sponsored by CICO/Avis, was led by Aqua Miss, owned by Dan Scott. Fellow fishermen on board included John McLaughlin, Buster McLean, and Emmiel Scott.

By tournament end, the scale told the tale: The Aqua Miss had won the ‘Grand Slam’ prize of $3,000 which goes to the boat that hauls in the heaviest combination of Wahoo (20 pounds, in this instance), Tuna (59 pounds, 10 ounces), and Dolphin (36 pounds, 10 ounces).

The 4 teammates aboard decided to donate the winning funds to the Pines Retirement Home.

‘We were so pleased not only to have had one of the best tournaments ever,’ said Dan Scott, ‘but also to share our good fortune with such a worthwhile local organization. The Pines has for years provided a comfortable home for so many of our elderly citizens.’

Alex Wood commented, ‘The Pines is constantly facing a cash crisis as it struggles to provide high standards of nursing care in times of rising costs and increasing demands on the public’s pockets. The generosity of the Aqua Miss team will provide residential nursing care for the needy in our community. Their donation is very much appreciated.’

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