Efflorescence at Full of Beans

Artist Dora Williams’ latest solo exhibition, Efflorescenece, is slated to open at Full of Beans, Friday, 2 June.

Efflorescence, which follows on from the artist’s first solo exhibition, Inspirations at the Westin, takes a colourful and creative look at the world of flowers.

The exhibition includes nine artworks – a mixture of oil and acrylics – and features flowers such as roses, irises and birds of paradise amongst others.

Dora, inspired by the late artist Georgia O’Keefe – renowned for her dramatic paintings of flowers – has chosen to work on large canvases, explaining that these create a stunning contrast between the delicate complexity of the flowers and the artwork itself.

‘I have always had a passion for painting flowers,’ she said. ‘They are so intricate with so many details – forms, fine lines, colours – they are so diverse and each has its individual challenges.

‘Flowers also evoke emotions, they lift the spirits. They are fascinating, Mother Nature is truly amazing.’

Some paintings have a more abstract feel and the artist often chooses to depict an individual flower in a different colour for a more dramatic effect.

The self-taught artist, who hails from Italy, started her journey into the art world only a few years ago and has now dedicated herself to being a full-time, professional artist.

She explained that painting started out as a hobby while her two young children were at school.

Following interest in her work and the success of her last exhibition at the Westin – where six of her paintings were quickly snapped up by eager art collectors – painting has now turned into a full-time job.

‘It’s a dream come true. My last show was an extraordinary experience and for Efflorescence I want to show people that I am a dedicated artist that has skill and talent,’ she said.

The exhibition opens Friday, 2 June at 6pm and all are invited to attend. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served courtesy of Full of Beans.

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