Give credit to Gordon

Since his elevation to the chieftain of West Indies cricket Ken Gordon must be credited for deactivating the series of explosive situations that threatened to finally plunge West Indies cricket into the abyss of oblivion.

Ken Gordon businessman, politician and corporate kingpin summoned his years of experience to produce two master strokes in advancing West Indies cricket at a faster rate than any of us could imagine. The first was to get 6 million people trusting the management team of West Indies cricket without ‘cleansing he Aegean’s stable’. What did the silver fox do! He gets stalwarts of the eighties, who brought fame and glory to West Indies cricket and appoints the on a cricket committee. Only the brave or very stupid would question decisions made by these gentlemen whose reputations are undisputed.

The detractors who previously use any and every thing as ammunition are now paddling upstream bare handed. Additionally it has removed the militancy from WIPA who grew strength from the good will of the people. The second one was a decision made by one who is willing to accept responsibility for any fall out from his actions. It was from one who knows when to be autocratic, absolute in decision making. Using his veto power to appoint Lara as West Indies captain was ingenuity at its best. I firmly believe that at this juncture of WI cricket there is no other person capable of effectively leading ten other players on the field to represent the WI.

On the topic of Lara’s captaincy, say what you like about Lara the individual, his motives, his foibles, he is in total control of his team. Where as his predecessor was onion skinned, and indecisive Lara is bold, confident with a thick skin. Where ‘Chanders’ captained with his traducers in mind, ‘The Prince’ seems to thrive on dissent from the arm chair experts. Where as ‘Tiger’ would think ‘what if’ before making a decision Lara would say ‘so what’. Very few if any captains would have entrusted Dwayne Bravo with that final over in the second one day. In fact had WI lost that match…

Which brings me to my fears and observations. I fear that Carlton Baugh has not improved sufficiently as a wicket keeper to warrant a test play ahead of Ramdin.

I am fearful that Fidel Edwards is still the spear head of the bowling attack.

I observe that Marlon Samuels and Dwayne Smith are still wallowing in mediocrity. They continue to disenchant fans and exasperate coaches.

I observe that the fielding of Bradshaw has reached the accepted standard and he has taken his rightful place in both formats of the game. Finally I am happy that the shroud appears to have been lifted from WI cricket and it is becoming competitive again the outcome of this tour notwithstanding.

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