Dolphins do life

Mr. Bogden is quoted as saying that in Cuba ‘the dolphin catching process is scientific.’

If the dolphin catching process is ‘scientific’ – whatever that is – let Mr. Bogden produce some video footage of a dolphin capture to prove his point. Let’s see exactly how violent these captures really are. After all, we have been capturing dolphins since 1938, certainly Mr. Bogden’s colleagues in the dolphin captivity industry must have videotaped these so-called humane and scientific captures – or have they?

One Voice- France has submitted typical dolphin capture footage to Mr. Adam for him to share with the Cayman Islands media, or with anyone else that wants to know the truth about these violent captures.

By the way, captive dolphins don’t ‘frolic.’ They are doing life in prison in order to make a few individuals rich.

Richard O’Barry

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