Hell enhancements considered

Possible enhancements to West Bay tourist attraction – Hell – was one of the topics discussed at Thursday’s Finance Committee.

George Town MLA Alfonso Wright, in a question about the management of Hell, said he could see great potential in enhancing the site as more than just a rest-stop for tourists.

It could become a nice tourist attraction with crafts on sale there, he said. The area behind the cliff rocks has the ability to be upgraded, he suggested, and tables and chairs could be added there.

CEO of the Tourism Attractions Board Gilbert Connolly said one of the challenges with improving Hell is that the government owns one section of it and the other is owned by a private individual. To upgrade it would need co-operation from both parties.

He said, however, that he has spoken to the private sector owner and they are to meet to perhaps consider charging a small entrance fee at the site.

Mr. Connolly said while the rock formation at Hell is attractive there is a limit to what can be done there.

He said one consideration is some sort of light show that could be put on there as a way of trying to enhance the attraction.

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